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Translation is the art of expressing your thoughts and ideas in the language that best serves your target audience. Choosing translation can save you both headaches and expense. Dutch professionals, academics and authors often write most effectively in their native tongue – or partly in their native Dutch and partly in English. It is surprisingly cost-efficient to submit a Dutch manuscript for translation into your chosen form of English – US, UK or “Oxford/international”.


The cost of translation is about EUR 0.15 per word. Discounts are available for large documents and when deadlines are longer.


If desired, the translated text can be delivered already polished and edited, set for submission in the style of the journal or publisher of your choice or for posting on the Internet. If you prefer, no editing or polishing need be done. Either way the translated text is always an accurate reflection of the source manuscript.


To guarantee quality and consistency of translations, I maintain an expansive, client-specific terminology and style database for each job and customer.


To ensure that your English-language writing says exactly what you want it to say, consider having even shorter documents translated – such as web texts, executive summaries, letters and memoranda. For brief texts turn-around times are usually less than 48 hours.




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