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Publishing is a business, and even academic works are subject to cost-benefit constraints. So deciding up front just how much editing you want and can afford is a key first step in commissioning any editorial work. Many clients find it useful to describe the degree of editing they require in terms of light, medium or heavy editing.


The extent of the work to be done generally depends on  

· the quality of the text at hand

· the intended audience and purpose

· the timeframe and budget available

· specific preferences and constraints of author and publisher

· the importance and distribution reach of the work

Humility and pragmatism!


Every manuscript improves with editing. Enhanced flow, logic and readability ensure that your message reaches your target audience in just the right tone – from playful and informal to academic or official.


For some manuscripts, the budget is insufficient for a full, in-depth, line-by-line language edit. Such texts nonetheless deserve attention, with a large dose of humility and pragmatism!


A light edit can eliminate the most obvious errors, without breaking the author’s budget. Light editing may also be preferred when an author lacks the time or inclination to plow through a detailed list of editorial queries and revisions.


Heavier edits are generally preferred for high-profile texts, especially institutional and corporate brochures, journal submissions and annual reports.



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