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Why edit?

Communicate, don’t just write. All texts benefit from revision by a professional editor. Not just a fresh eye, but an editorial eye.

A well-edited text conveys its message fluently and in just the right tone. Editing eliminates grammatical mistakes and typos – even the odd data error – so you make the best first impression possible.

Academic works, scientific articles, books and corporate manuscripts, all have the best chance of being published, read and cited when given a thorough editorial correction and polishing.


My pledge to authors



More than 15 years of editorial experience in international environment. Work has encompassed writing, editing, proofreading and layout of print and electronic publications, as well as Dutch-to-English translation.


Ample in-house experience combined with freelance practice. Reliability in working on deadline.


Projects range from advertisements and press releases to brochures, websites, communications via the Internet, newsletters, annual reports, journal and magazine articles, research reports and reference books.


From Clients


"The editing was great, as always, and the article has now been accepted for publication.”



"Quick service. Much appreciated.”



"Thanks for spotting the mistakes.”


For more comments from clients, just search “Michelle Luijben” via Google.



“Wow, what an improvement!”



“Thank you for your excellent editorial work and cover design!”



“I have learnt a lot from working with you.”

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Michelle Luijben


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